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Rabbi Natan Gamedze
The story of every convert to Judaism is a gripping tale of spiritual discovery.
In the case of Natan Gamedze, that journey began 40 years ago in Swaziland, where he was born into a royal family.
The Heritage House Jewish Youth Hostel

The Heritage House Jewish Youth Hostel has welcomed more than 25,000 guests with
warm hospitality, tours, classes,
and weekend/holiday programs.

Ohr Somayach

All the Jewish resources you need.
Ohr Somayach, a global Jewish organisation dedicated to the spreading of the light of Torah.

Sharei Bina http://www.shareibina.com
Sharei Bina's faculty is composed of individuals who are devoted to teaching the Word of Hashem to their students.
More importantly, they are commited to living up to these values themselves.